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Branca International was founded in Milan, Italy by Bernandino Branca in 1845. They're famous for Fernet-Branca, a brand of Fernet. It's an amaro (Italian for 'bitter'), a herbal liqueur that is typically served as a digestif or after-dinner drink intended to aid in -you guessed it- digestion.

Their website was outdated and congested with information. It didn't fulfil what they wanted to express as a corporation so we suggested a refresh.



Being a content-oriented web, used by people to inform themselves about details of the business, we decided to work hardest on the architecture of the website and studied the history and structure of the company to simplify the massive content.

1 - Macbook Pro.png


Mobile first and fully responsive

the grid


We tested several different interactions and movements to improve the experience of any visitor, taking into account that interactions can overload a user's experience.


We just added them on the navigational features of the web, not on the content, and activated more of them on the desktop version than on the mobile one.

2 - MOBIL.png

Currently, 52.3% of traffic worldwide is viewed on mobile devices. For a web to work at its best on mobile, it is important to start designing in those dimensions and then move on to the desktop version.

In this case, we did exactly that, finally proving to be a great mobile experience.

4 - iPad.png



Finally Branca International has a website rich in content, easy to navigate through, and serves its purpose as a flagship to its different beverage companies.


The result gives a fresh new look to what could be a boring and sober corporate website. Providing the company with their simpler and more readable website was truly fun.


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