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Bruellan a Swiss wealth management boutique.


They approached us when they wanted to upgrade their digital strategy presence and the company’s brand identity.


They felt they were outdated and wanted to attract a new younger target whilst keeping up with their clients at the time.



We started working on their brand identity. The owner had a wonderful story to tell about his passion for deers and how it represented their business ethos. The logo they had at that time was very static and hard to identify.


We kept their beautiful corporate green and created a specific colour palette to go with it. We redesigned the animal logo and created a new brand typography.


Once we had their identity, we refreshed the reports they gave out to clients, such as weekly reports, monthly magazines, print outs, etc. making them much more visual and easy to read.


We were asked to be modern but very intuitive when it came to their website. In order to achieve this, we conceptualised a new website from scratch. It was very aesthetic but also featured a precise back end to display live financial markets.


SEO was of the utmost importance to the web, so we developed it in such a way that it fully respected how it was going to be indexed by Google. We positioned it better than its competitors. In parallel, we created an onion of words for a good SEO strategy we personally executed. Communication, as mentioned before, was key. Amongst many things we did for this Swiss company, we translated the website into Russian to amplify the company's efforts to attract Russian clients.







Modernizing a classical font personally

for then

We edited two common typographies (Athelas & Montserrat) to give it a special and unique touch for the company.



with green transparencies


We curated a series of photographs that we felt worked well with the brand and covered them with a dark green transparency.


In printed pieces and on the website, we also cut the content at an angle creating that signature look and feel.


We put together across various printed materials a strong and sophisticated message with a fresh new look and feel.


Design and layout throughout all of there printed pieces




Color palette

We created two layers of colours (primary and secondary) which we put into use for all the work we did for them.





color palette 1 bruellan.jpg
color palette2bruellan.jpg



Bruellan was an exciting ongoing project for two years. We loved taking on this challenge as by that time we mostly worked with companies in retail and F&B sectors.


The results have been fantastic with a great response from both current and new coming clients.


They were initially concerned with the fact that we had to work remotely, but both teams fitted in perfectly and our contribution to this solid wealth management firm had a great impact on their daily business.


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