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Layos Camp is a Spanish company that organises events and camps for kids. They are known all over Spain and have more than 30 years of experience in the business.


They came to us with a clear idea of what they wanted: they needed to update and digitalise their brand, as well as change and transform the communication processes in their business.



We created a working structure in which Layos could count with our digital team for their every needed. Our main goals were to raise brand awareness, improve their position in the market, enhance the communication with their clients, and help them get new ones.


During these 3 years we have done multiple web designs for them, seeing and analyzing the effect it has on the public, and optimizing the user experience with all the data we collected.


We implemented the online payment in their webpage so that they could sell all their products and services, creating a customized e-commerce for them. We also developed a web app with a personalized back-end, adapted to our client's needs, making it easier for them to use it on a daily basis.


We installed a system for them to be able to get, communicate and hire teachers, which is key for their business model. Plus, we transferred their web page and email to new servers, improving the cost, speed and customer service.


Creating a newer, fresher brand identity and started implementing it through all the channels was one of the most important things. After doing this we came up with a content strategy in which we combined blogs posts, increasing their social media presence, and email marketing to raise the impact of the new brand for Layos.


We did some paid ad campaigns as well in different channels, to test the waters and see which ones worked and which ones didn't, and we were able to target our most potential clientes.


social media


With help and support from the marketing team, setting as our objectives to create a stronger engagement with the users and generate more website traffic. We saw a significant increase in sales.

STORIES - POTTER 1 Copy 2.png
2 - LAYOS STAR WARS Copy 2.png
Group 2 Copy.png
Group 3 Copy.png

reached 13K views

reached 21K views

reached 24K views

reached 8K views

reached 30K views



We created a group of icons that represent friendship and bonding, key values in Layos.

Group 110.png


editorial design

Different editorial designs were made to keep the user up to date at all times, always transmitting the friendly vibes from Layos Camp.



Camp app

for parents

It was necessary to create a platform inside the website, so that parents and teachers could communicate at all times and be updated with the kid's situation.

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 18.00.57.png


elements of

the web

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 18.00.32.png



Layos Camp has the best online/offline presence in their field in Spain, their social media game keeps getting better and better, and they have clearly improved the way they get new clientes.


Now they have a digital platform that is continuously growing and can measure up to their standards. Working with Layos is and has been a real pleasure!


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