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MIM is a Spanish shoe brand. When they approached us they had two retail stores in Madrid's city centre and not many online sales.

They didn't have a proper e-commerce strategy, as they had focused their efforts on their retail stores, and their social media platforms needed a push

We started our action plan changing the business model from offline to online sales. We had a look at their sales' profits and tweaked their whole strategy. How did we do this?


We created a new strategy in which the financial, logistics and marketing aspects were brought together. We needed an e-commerce platform, so we decided to go with Shopify, as resources were limited. "Content is king", so with our production team, we organised a shoot in which we selected various micro influencers that could help promote the brand.


This, along with our social media plan, made the whole strategy a big hit, and sales started increasing, which led us to another problem: they needed to raise funds to keep up with their success. We helped out in the prep and presentation of an investors' pitch, and once again, it was a big success. Long story short, Spanish retail brand Scalpers invested.


Winter campaign video

Along with our production team, we carefully chose the micro influencers that were the best fit for the occasion.




of the




Product photography for their web



campaigns and content

We developed different social media campaigns with Instagram being our main channel, where we established multiple marketing strategies.

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Their business model transformed completely, increasing each shoe's margin and reducing the client acquisition cost.

Their online presence improved significantly along with their followers and interactions on social media. Their sales grew exponentially just as we had planned.

And as we mentioned earlier, Scalpers invested in the brand. A great success story!


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