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IC10 is a construction company with more than 25 years of experience, known across Spain.


They like to experiment with sensations within spaces, and they build to impact in the most positive way the people who live, work or visit their buildings.


The website they used to have did not give the same experience the spaces were giving, it didn't meet the company's standards.

They came to us with a clear vision of what they wanted: to develop a web so unique and special it would do justice to their work.



We understood their needs and wants from square one. What IC10 was envisioning was a website using the latest technologies, amazing user experience and to impact the visitors by transmitting sensations no construction company website had done until then.



Prime mobile

functionality and interaction

The capacity a mobile has to interact in the same way as it should on a desktop can be a complex matter.


Since our design played with a lot of interactive diagrams, scrolling menus and many more little details that phones give less real estate for, it took a lot of work to finish the mobile responsiveness of the web, but we definitely pulled it off.


Skipping no steps in

the design process


In DUG we pride ourselves for not skipping steps but working for IC10 was a challenge in this matter.


We took great care in the different process and stages of design.


it was not until a lot of work was put in that one could clearly see the final product due to a large number of iterations the site went through until we felt it was perfect.

Icon´s family


It is important to our clients to feel like every detail is customized for them and in this case, we did not just choose any icon’s to represent them, we actually designed totally new icons in a perspective that architects like to draw in.

Group 14.png
Group 13.png
Group 15.png

The grid



Curated photography and content

IC10 had done a good job at photographing properly their projects, which is great to make the website more visual. The choice of the images depends on how it lays on the text and graphics we had designed.


And the texts needed a great deal of attention since we were scared that there would be too much content to digest on just one website. We think the selection of photos and content is informative but not too extensive.



The development process in contrast to our usual work was long. It needed a lot of depth into its design, a lot of persistence and hard work to make it work perfectly on any computer, iPad or phone and a great deal of customization. But we love the result.

IC 10

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